In the heart of London, a 43-storey tower emerges as a pioneering blend of the prestigious Pan Pacific Hotel and 160 luxury apartments. Zephyr was tasked with the seamless transition of residents into their new homes amidst the complexities of launching a flagship six-star hotel.

The project faced unique challenges:

It’s London’s inaugural luxury hotel with integrated residential living.


Coordinating resident move-ins with the hotel’s fit-out required unmatched logistical skill.


As UOL’s first European project, maintaining their global brand was paramount.


Zephyr, acting as the local expert for our Singapore-based client, liaised with sales, hotel operations, and concierge services to deliver market leading customer Experiences


Meticulous Planning

Leveraging a decade of experience, Zephyr formulated a detailed customer care, handover, and aftercare strategy, which was communicated regularly to all stakeholders. Role-play scenarios were developed to refine the experience further.

Synchronized Excellence

A pre-move strategy, including thorough apartment inspections and a Standard Setup Protocol, was implemented to address potential issues proactively, ensuring residences were in pristine condition at handover.

Harmonised Move-ins and Fit-Out Operations

We devised a synchronized schedule to manage the simultaneous hotel fit-out and resident move-ins, coordinating closely with the hotel’s fit-out team to minimize disruption and maintain a peaceful, welcoming environment for new residents, even as work continued in the lower sections of the tower.

Direct Aftercare with Agile Response

The Construction Management Building contract allowed Zephyr to engage directly with individual trade contractors, bypassing a main contractor. This approach improve response times for residents’ issues but also yielded significant cost savings for our client.

Continuous Communication and Oversight

Given the geographic distance, robust communication channels were essential. Zephyr ensured the client was continuously updated and that swift decision-making could occur to adapt to the project’s dynamic nature.

Our innovative approach successfully managed resident satisfaction and hotel preparations. The transition into homes was seamless, and the Pan Pacific Hotel’s debut did not detract from the residential experience.

UOL Singapore remarked that Zephyr have “become a trusted supplier”

This landmark project signifies Zephyr’s experience in merging luxury living with premier hospitality. The result is not just seamless resident move-ins but the establishment of a benchmark six-star hotel, marking a milestone in luxury and hospitality.

Location: London, EC1

Sector: Residential Market Sale

Services: Strategy, Customer communications, Videos & guides, Apartment Testing, handover, purchaser snagging, home demos, Aftercare & void management

Size: 160 Sky Residences

Team: Developed by: UOL Singapore & Stanhope

Duration: 3 Years (ongoing)


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