Grand Central Apartments, located near Kings Cross Station, comprises a 22-storey tower with 68 apartments designed with rental tenants in mind. Zephyr’s involvement focused on aligning services to the lifestyles and needs of these tenants, contributing to the evolving standards of rental driven developments.

Shifting Focus to Rental Tenants

Adjusting our approach to more closely address the needs of tenants in the rental sector, especially for this luxury offering, required a careful balance.


Providing Useful Tenant Resources

Recognizing the fluid nature of rental living, we saw the importance of creating accessible guides to help tenants quickly feel at home.


Coordinating with Construction

Delays in the build phase led us to adapt our system testing to fit within the construction timeline, ensuring everything was ready for residents.


Support for Letting Agents

A key part of our strategy was to support letting agents, enabling them to prioritise the tenant experience. By streamlining property information and issue resolution processeses the investors would be confident of tenant retention and financial return.

Intuitive Resources for Tenants

To ease the transition for tenants, we developed clear guides and videos about the apartments. These resources were created to be straightforward and helpful, assisting tenants in settling into their new environment more comfortably.

At Grand Central Apartments, our approach was guided by the aim to support rental tenants effectively. By developing tenant-friendly resources and ensuring a smooth handover process, we hoped to contribute positively to the build-to-rent sector. Grand Central Apartments represents our commitment to enhancing living experiences for tenants and supporting the overall success of rental developments.

Location: London, NW1

Sector: Residential Rental

Services: Strategy, Resident Videos and information, system testing, defects management

Size: 69 Residences

Developed by: LBS Property
Building Manager: Rendall and Rittner
Agents: JLL

Duration: 1 year


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