Clapham House transformed an old office building into 50 modern apartments, targeting help-to-buy owners embarking on their first home purchase. Zephyr was recommended by Savills to support a developer navigating their initial residential project with tight timescales

Engagement at a Critical Stage

Zephyr joined the project at a crucial time, necessitating immediate and effective coordination.


First-Time Buyer Guidance

Communicating with first-time buyers, many of whom were unfamiliar with the home purchasing process, required a nuanced approach.


Snagging Process Oversight

Assisting new homeowners through the snagging process was essential, as understanding what constituted a reasonable defect was challenging for many.


Rapid Mobilization Through Technology

Utilising advanced systems and technology, we quickly mobilized to address the project’s immediate needs, ensuring a seamless experience for new homeowners.

Practical Support

Our team provided hands-on support during unexpected issues, such as a lift breakdown by helping the owners physically move their possessions into the home via the stairs.

Expert Management of the Snagging Process

Zephyr’s experience was pivotal in guiding first-time buyers through the snagging process, helping them distinguish between acceptable and unreasonable issues. We communicated these validated snags to the developer, offering solutions for prompt resolution.

  • Rapid Mobilsation: We mobilised within 1 week of instruction, enabled by our established systems, processes and technology.
  • Effective Snagging and Resolution: Our management of the snagging process led to quick, satisfactory resolutions of legitimate concerns, enhancing buyer satisfaction.
  • Smooth Transition for First-Time Buyers: With our strategic support and enhanced guidance materials, buyers enjoyed a more informed and positive move-in experience.

The Vauxhall project showcases Zephyr’s ability to combine technological efficiency with expert guidance, particularly in navigating first-time buyers through the complexities of snagging. Through meticulous planning and a dedication to excellence, Zephyr has proven instrumental in turning potential obstacles into opportunities for creating welcoming homes.

Location: London, SW9

Sector: Residential Market Sale

Services: Completions Management, Apartment Handover, Purchaser Snagging, Aftercare

Size: 50 Residences

Developed by: Private Developer
Agents: Savills & JLL

Duration: 3 months


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