In the heart of Hoxton, a notable architectural development of 69 apartments encountered post-move-in challenges, significantly impacting the emotionally invested owner-occupiers. Zephyr was called upon to implement a defects management strategy, addressing unresolved issues that the original builder had not adequately responded to. Our engagement was crucial in ensuring these homes lived up to their promise, especially given the residents’ deep emotional connection to their investment.

Owner-occupiers faced unaddressed defects that diminished their living experience, creating a gap between expectation and reality. The original builder’s initial reluctance to engage constructively added to the residents’ frustration. Zephyr’s task was to bridge this gap, ensuring the defects were acknowledged and rectified, thereby restoring trust in the development’s management.

Discerning Verification of Defects

A cornerstone of our approach was the meticulous verification of reported issues to ascertain their validity as genuine defects. This rigorous process ensured that only confirmed defects were communicated to the builder, highlighting Zephyr’s commitment to professionalism and accuracy.

Enhancing Builder Responsiveness through Trust

Our validated reports and professional demeanour instilled confidence in the builder, who became more receptive and responsive to our requests. This shift was pivotal, as it led to quicker resolutions of defects, directly benefiting the residents and significantly improving their perception of the aftercare process.

Zephyr’s strategic involvement yielded tangible outcomes:

Restored Resident Confidence

By demonstrating that their concerns were taken seriously and acted upon efficiently, owner-occupiers’ satisfaction and trust in the development were significantly restored.


Accelerated Defect Resolution

The builder’s increased responsiveness to our validated defect reports marked a significant improvement in the speed and effectiveness of the aftercare service, enhancing the overall quality of living for the residents.


The Hoxton project underscored the value of Zephyr’s expertise in not just managing but transforming the aftercare landscape. Our methodical verification of defects and the professional manner in which we engaged with the builder set a new standard for resolving post-occupancy issues. This approach not only ensured that the physical spaces met the high standards expected by the emotionally invested owner-occupiers but also reestablished their homes as sources of pride and satisfaction. Through strategic oversight and a commitment to excellence, Zephyr once again demonstrated how professional expertise could turn aftercare challenges into opportunities for enhancement and trust-building.

Location: London, E2

Sector: Residential Market Sale

Services: Aftercare

Size: 69 Residences

Developed by: LBS Properties
Building Management: Rendall & Rittner
Hawkins Brown & Honky Interiors

Duration: 12 months


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