In the heart of London, a 43-storey tower emerges as a pioneering blend of the prestigious Pan Pacific Hotel and 160 luxury apartments. Zephyr was tasked with the seamless transition of residents into their new homes amidst the complexities of launching a flagship six-star hotel.

In a notable partnership, Zephyr was engaged by a renowned European developer, celebrated for their projects in Slovakia, to deliver a white-label service for 169 luxury apartments near the historic Globe Theatre on the Southbank. This venture aimed to leverage Zephyr’s expertise to support and augment the developer’s in-house team, setting the stage for enhanced operational capabilities in future projects.

Enhancing the Resident Experience

Zephyr’s strategy focused on aligning every service aspect with the developer’s brand ethos, prioritising a seamless transition for buyers into their new homes. This approach extended to collaborating closely with the client’s customer care manager, enriching the project’s service quality with our bespoke standards and processes.


Navigating Construction Realities

Faced with ongoing construction delays, Zephyr proactively adjusted the move-in schedules. Our coordination with the construction team ensured that apartment completions were strategically sequenced, aligning with the developer’s financial goals and maintaining transparent communication with buyers throughout.


Zephyr’s adaptive strategies facilitated the smooth move-in of the first residents, setting a precedent for managing later completions without compromising the quality of the resident experience. Our creation of a detailed customer care framework provided the developer with a robust base to build their in-house capabilities, mirroring the success of their Slovakian projects.

Proudly standing behind our client’s brand, Zephyr demonstrated resilience and adaptability amidst challenges, affirming our commitment to empowering partners through expertise and strategic support. This project not only showcased our capability to navigate construction delays but also highlighted our role in enhancing our client’s in-house customer care, paving the way for their continued success in luxury residential developments.

Location: London, SE1

Sector: Residential Market Sale

Services: Strategy, Processes and Templates, Videos & guides, Apartment Testing, handover, home demos, Aftercare

Size: 169 Residences


Developed by: JTRE
Building Management: Rhodium
Architect: Squires & Partners

Duration: 18 months


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