For over a decade, Zephyr has been the leader of ‘outsourced but in-house’ Customer Care, within London Residential Developments.

True luxury is epitomised by the seamless integration of an expert Customer Experience team, effortlessly translating years of brand cultivation into an unparalleled lived experience for your customers.



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Services for Developers

Design Stage Consultancy

When do I need this?

Engaging at Stage 3 will enable an occupier led approach to design and procurement

  • Write apartment brief & functional specifications
  • Optimise specifications based on our customer feedback
  • Design input using our data ensures repeatable site quality
  • Procurement input enables a deliverable aftercare plan
  • Design for maintenance to reduce Developer Void cost
  • Define Apartment O&M Strategy
  • Defined Customer Experience journey & touchpoints
  • Create apartment handover strategy to underpin sales & buyer experience
  • Align builder aftercare with Client resource which saves money

Enabling Perfect apartments

“Practically complete is no longer good enough – Lets try ZephyrComplete”

When do I need this?

Prior to Void closure on site

  • Establish practical, repeatable benchmark standards
  • “Buyer Eyes” Quality Inspections during build
  • Input to occupier touch points such as controls & lighting
  • Expert forecasting of apartment completions to de-risk cashflow
  • Snagging at PC to minimise purchaser issues
  • 300 point System Testing™ – removes defects early

Customer Experience

“A great Customer Experience is our driving obsession”

When do I need this?

Management of buyer relationship from legal exchange until expiry of DLP.

  • Customer Journey touchpoints with progress & news
  • Schedule completions balancing project constraints with buyer needs
  • Establish residents portal or, use Zephyr App free
  • Tracked and measurable customer communication
  • Coordinate all pre-completion inspections for buyers and advisors
  • Mortgage valuation inspections
  • Communicate PC and legal notice updates
  • Collate handover packs of key info
  • ‘How to’ videos & ‘shorts’
  • Interactive user guides or a simple paper manual – your choice!
  • Customer surveys ensuring continuous improvement

Apartment Handover

“We transform the handover into a hotel-like experience”

When do I need this?

Legal completion or first rental tenant.

  • Digital handover for a simple, but not simpler, experience
  • Zephyr app provides an easy source of key information
  • Apartment condition survey & meter read
  • Check-in and secure key handover
  • Apartment inspections with buyers and their representatives
  • Negotiate with professional snagging inspections
  • Logistics management on moving-in day and furnishing visits
  • Home Demos for residents, concierge & letting teams
  • Close out of Contractor de-snagging


“Aftercare is not an afterthought.  We love solving problems”

When do I need this?

For a minimum of  3 months post legal completion or until DLP expiry

  • Manage cccupier enquiries following move in
  • Live video triage as issues arise – minimises disruption
  • Resolution at source if possible, using our in house expertise
  • Measurable communication SLAs with occupiers
  • Once verified, defect management and resolution
  • Supplemental videos released addressing common issues
  • Live Client dashboard provides full transparency
  • Reporting & Analytics to inform the Client executive

Void Management

“Ensures unsold units remain box fresh, optimising sales potential.”

When do I need this?

From PC onwards

  • Ongoing cleaning
  • Resolve snagging raised by new owners.
  • Show flat management & relocations
  • Legionella Management
  • Maintenance of unsold apartments to preserve warranties
  • Humidity management

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